A Great Resource For Anybody Preparing to Build

“Steve Anderson has been a huge help to our building campaign that has been ongoing for several years. We have now broken ground on a 44,000 sq. foot building for our church family and to reach the lost of our community. We now have most of the steel up at this time. We will have a 1,200 seat auditorium, an administrative building, many Sunday school classes, and rooms for our school and small college. We also have a new full size high school gymnasium.

Steve has given valuable advice on our capital stewardship campaign. We hired him as a consultant for our campaign and he was very helpful. Steve has also given us valuable advice in choosing an architect, building design, actual lending and much more. I believe Steve has a heart for helping churches. With his big heart and his vast experience, I believe you will greatly benefit to get him involved in your building process.

Also, Steve’s book, Preparing to Build, is a great resource for anybody preparing to build. Whether you are in the early, middle, or late stages of your building program, I believe reading his book would be a very big help.”

Pastor Joe Esposito, Pacific Coast Baptist, Long Beach, CA