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Preparing to build is over 180 pages of real-world tips and experience to help prepare churches for a building program.

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Building – A Challenge for Today’s Church

Many churches that build today find themselves in the difficult position where they must accomplish the following tasks without the benefit of substantial experience or training:

 § Determine all of the proper steps that need to be taken in a building program, and then…
 § Learn how to accomplish those steps in the proper order, and then…
 § Execute those tasks with excellence the first time!

From concept to completion, your church will not undertake a more demanding and complicated task in terms of money, risk, and effort than it will in a building program. The proof of this can be found in the number of horror stories about church building programs and the number of Pastors who leave churches during or shortly after a building program. Your building program needs to be run in a way that will maximize effectiveness while protecting the pastor and other leaders. It needs to be run right the first time.

Preparing to Build provides valuable real-world insight to help your church:

 § Protect the Church, its Leaders, and its Members
 § Reduce the Cost of Design and Construction
 § Reduce the Effort, Stress, and Risk in Building
 § Improve the Church’s Satisfaction with its Building Program

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