Recommended as Required Reading

I read it [Preparing to Build] several times and even made copies of a few chapters for the other members of the committee. I found the information very useful and well thought out. Many things I had not even thought of. I went back to it several times for reference points. The book was a great help to me personally and to the committee. I would recommend it required reading to all who are thinking of building a church building.

It [the church] is now completed and we had dedication service in Nov of 2011. It is a 7500 sq ft building consisting of a 250 seat sanctuary, Narthex, offices, and classrooms. We believe we are in a good position to grow as the Lord directs. Thanks for getting us started out right ~ Gary Hatten, Building Chairman, Immanuel Baptist Church


Very Helpful In The Process

I shared your book with several people and one of them showed it to the architect and I believe that he bought a copy for himself. Everyone commented favorably on your book and the information in it. It has been very helpful in our process. ~ Ray Klingensmith 

Various Short Commendations

I will tell you that our entire Board has now read the book to great benefit. And I have no doubt we will be quick to draw from the rest of your resources as we progress. Thank you so much for your fine work. ~ Reid Ferguson ~ 

The book is really very helpful. It will definitely be used as a guide if we ever go on a major building project.  ~ Orson Chung ~

Enjoyed the book. It was helpful.  ~ Terry Hays ~

We found your book very informative and comprehensive. ~ Ron Ryan ~

Thanks for your heartfelt concerns and the calling for ‘our’ Church- the Sanctuary Ministry Church(SMC), and the universal Church. The book is such a wealth to the body of Christ.  ~ Bis.Daniel Wambua ~

Praise Report From Believers In Faith Full Gospel Baptist Church

We followed your advice in chapter 11 of Preparing To Build. We called the owner about the property behind the church and asked them to donate that property to our church. And their response was YES!!!!!!! We are working up the paper as we speak. Thank you for this book, I have learned so much from this book. We will continue to give you praise report as we move toward the promise of God. –  Overseer Bruce Martin

Well Written & Informative

This is a must-read for any pastor or building committee member that is involved in a church building program. Contains information on visioning, needs assessment, financing, design, capital campaigns and construction. Contains guidelines to use for church construction. It is one-of-a-kind, well written and informative book, and will help churches avoid costly mistakes. {From Barnes and Noble website}