I just wanted to comment on your book, it’s phenomenal!!!!! Your book has everything from A to Z in terms of preparing the church to build. Thank you for your insight, this information is priceless!!!!! D. Owens

Devoured It in One Night

I happened across your book “Preparing to Build” as I was searching the internet for ideas on how to plan for our new building project. When it arrived I did my usual “glance through” and immediately knew it had more and better information than any other resource I had come across. I did a quick read and passed it to my Pastor to read and he devoured it on one long night. We have now asked our entire “team” to read your book so we are all on the same “page”. Thank you. S. Martin

An Excellent Tool for Our Building Committee

I purchased three copies of your book through Amazon. What an excellent tool for our building committee! Your insight and knowledge of this subject matter will save our church countless hours and potential mistakes in preparing to build God’s house for our congregation. D. Spain

Gave Me Direction

Our church is in the early preliminary stages of a building project. I really appreciated your book Preparing to Build, and it helped me get a general understanding of the direction we need to be headed as a church in order to see this goal accomplished. P. Phillip

One of the Best I Have Found

I have read your book and recommended it to our church board. They took my suggestion and wanted a copy for each board member. I will check today to see if I can download the book. If not I’ll re-contact you. I think your book is one of the best I have found on this topic.  M. Sterk